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Mehul Satishbhai Choksi

Partner (Gujarat) & Head of Public Policy

Mehul Satishbhai Choksi, is a Partner based in Gujarat Office of The Chambers & also Heads the Public Policy & Strategic Affairs division of the Firm.

Mehul is noted practicing lawyer of High Court of Gujarat. Mehul has more than 15 years of experience of conducting various types of litigation, and focuses on intricate transactional and projects work; representing investors, targets and various project participants. His expertise lies in working around complexities, be it in an acquisition of a strategic stake, restructuring interests or friendly or hostile exits. An articulate, focused professional who has a proven history of gathering and analysing information and then using the results of that analysis to make effective decisions and find innovative solutions to legal problems.


B.Com., LLB, M.A. (Political Science), MBA (IPR), PHD